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BRIZO has humble roots. First and foremost we are a family business based in Southern, California. Our mission is to continue to be a family-centric company passionate about creating real, whole foods so that you can live a real, whole life. Our hope is to provide people from every background the opportunity to dress up their meals for their own families the same way we have for years ~ simply, healthily, and deliciously. 



Hey friends! I’m Vivie. BRIZO is a dressing I started making a long, long time ago. I initially started using the dressing in a pasta salad that became my signature dish at family gatherings.. 

Friday nights in our home were always pizza nights and as I was making my signature pasta on one of these typical Friday evenings, both of my boys began dipping their pizza into what would become BRIZO! They loved it. The pickiest of the two, whose diet had consisted of donuts, rolls and pizza started using it on EVERYTHING. My oldest son always served it to his friends who would pop by for a Friday night pizza and they could never get enough of it either. 

After years of everyone encouraging me to get this on the shelf, BRIZO was born in 2017. What really made me consider venturing down this path was the limited number of fresh dressings that could be found on store shelves that tasted delicious, didn’t have additives or preservatives and something that was versatile for a number of dishes. My hope is that you enjoy this amazing dressing and use it on everything you love.

-Vivie, Founder of BRIZO Everything Dressing