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Good Culture Cottage Cheese with Pretzel Crisps

Add one container of Good Culture cottage cheese to a bowl Drizzle BRIZO to your liking on top the cottage cheese and stir until mixed it in Add a spoonful to a pretzel crisp Serve!

Midnight Pasta

We love love love pasta! This dish is easy to whip up, delicious, and a fan favorite! Ingredients: 1 lb Angel Hair Pasta  Cherry tomatoes Fresh Parmesan Cheese BRIZO Directions: Cook pasta al ...

Avocado Crostini

Cut open the avocado, throw out the seed, and while still in the skin slice the avocado into squares. Spoon it out onto a bowl, and drizzle BRIZO on top. You can add the BRIZO avocado to a piece of...

Funky Ways to BRIZO 〜

Dunk your fries 🍟 Dip your Subway sandwich 🥪 Drizzle over your burrito 🌯 Pile on your burger 🍔 Sauce up your tacos 🌮 Dunk your pizza slice 🍕 Dip your shrimp! 🍤


Easy, breezy, couscous! Perfect as a side or as a stunning main course. Ingredients: Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Couscous  Unsalted chicken broth or vegetable broth Parmesan cheese Ripened avocado...

World's Best Baked Potato

Know what makes a baked potato great? The toppings. So get ready. Because BRIZO is about to be the ultimate topper you can’t resist. Ingredients: Potatoes Pico de Gallo (you can make your own or ...

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